The grapes of our quality wines grow in family-owned vineyards in the regions Rheinhessen and Nahe. The goals are elegance, fruit and character, in order to make the special diversity and thus the origin of our wines tastable.


We stand for typically Nahe and typically Rheinhessen, the best of both worlds combined in one winery.


Riesling Nahe

Riesling Spätlese Rheinhessen

Grauburgunder Rheinhessen

Muskateller Rheinhessen

Chardonnay Nahe

Weissburgunder Nahe

Red & Rosé

Merlot Rheinhessen

Badenheim St. Laurent Rheinhessen

Kreuznach Spätburgunder Nahe

Dios Rotwein Rheinhessen

Diosa Rosé Rheinhessen

Rosé No5 Rheinhessen