Steitz vom Donnersberg

" Nothing is more untouchable than one´s own taste"


 According to this motto, we create wines that are dynamic and lively.


We´d like to invite you on a journey to breathe the cool morning dew in the foliage,

to feel the warming midday sun on the skin

and to experience an unforgettable time in the pleasant, nightly coolness together with friends in the vineyards.

To get to know all that what is special about us and our region.


Our goal is to let these feelings wander over the glass into the heads,

and to bring a satstied smile on the face of everyone,

who enjoys the results of our work.


Winetradition since 1510

On the way through Germany you will cross our beautiful region Rheinhessen, which lies in a valley of gentle rolling hills, green valleys and vineyars, just to the left of the River Rhine.


The celts and the francs settled here but the Romans started cultivating vines and laid the foundaition for Germany´s largest and oldest wine region.


Our ancestors´ paths lead us to the Donnersberg, way back to the year 1510.

Founded on documents and our family crest our family was originated in that year. 


Officially Rheinhessen has existed since 1816. Just around that time Jakob Steitz was the first of our family to move to Badenheim and set the ground for our present existence. His son Johann and his grandson Friedel continued the winegrowing tradition.


Today we live in Badenheim in the 5th generation and remember our predecessors with great respect as well as sense of duty as through hard work and dilligence they made all that possible, what we are proud of today.


We feel obliged and empowered to continue this dedication,

so that we can carry on the winegrowing tradition in our familiy for many years to come.