We produce full-bodied red wines by using the traditional mash fermentation as well as elegant white wines after a long maturation on the vine, careful pressing and cooled fermentation.

Our vines enjoy the priviledge of growing on distinctive and individual soil.

Our goal is to bring this uniqueness into the bottle.

Single Site Wines

Only the best Wines of each vintage have the priviledge to carry the name of the single site on the label.

A combination of unique soils, perfect growing conditions in the vinecard, the right decisions in the cellar and a little bit of luck can create great wines.



Estate Wines

Our Estate Wines are fruity, sparkling and very digestible, a personal favorite can be found for every taste and every occasion.

All grapes of our wines grow in the areas of Badenheim, Pfaffen-Schwabenheim, Hackenheim (all Rheinhessen)

and Bad Kreuznach-Bosenheim (Nahe).