Steitz Wines are handcraftet quality wines,

grown in western Rheinhessen and near Bad Kreuznach in the Nahe region.


Our family originally comes from the Donnersberg and has lived in Badenheim in the western part of Rheinhessen for five generations. We cultivate vines on a variety of different soils in two exciting regions, in Rheinhessen and Nahe.


We stand for a wine experience as it should be. Everything we do is committed to the long-term principle of sustainability, which means that we think in generations at every step in viticulture.

We work with the intention of producing excellent wines without exception.

We believe in the opportunity to learn, explore and discover at all times.


For us, wine should be omnipresent.


Fritz Steitz

5th generation



They have always said it:


"You can take the boy out of the vineyards,

but you can´t take the vineyards out of the boy."  





We are immensely proud to be winemakers in the regions Rheinhessen and Nahe. Our vines grow on a variety of different soils on eight individual sites.

We consider us as growers, not as makers!



It takes endless patience to understand the relationship between the site and the vines growing there. We work symbiotically to refine the practices in the vineyard with the same dedication and attention to detail that we apply in the cellar.


The terroir, the combination of individual soil, sensitive microclimate and the winemaker´s caring hand, defines our wines and establishes its distinctive taste. 




Our sites unleash unique attributes and leave a distinct fingerprint. Our goal is to show that heritage in our wines.


We intend to make wine as it should be:

on the spot,

without compromise,

honest and real.